As a young girl growing up in West Virginia, Krystal Kinney learned southern hospitality and an appreciation of spirits from a wine-loving Aunt. It was no surprise when she pursued degrees in culinary arts and hospitality in Southern Florida. As a young, vivacious woman she managed entertainment venues including Club Cinema in Pompano Beach, FL. It was at Club Cinema that she discovered her passion for wine. The owner of Club Cinema sampled expensive French Bordeaux and Krystal swirled glasses with a host of celebrities including Blondie, Johnny Depp, Cirque du Soleil, and the Rolling Stones.

Krystal did a blind tasting and discovered she had a refined palette; Even without training, she could pick up on the subtleties of the wines, their earthiness, and Old World flavors. She decided to go back to school at Le Cordon Bleu, USSA. From there, she set out to further her palate, traveling through France, Napa Valley, Greece and other famous wine regions.

Upon returning to the states, Krystal progressed her training, becoming an advanced, level three sommelier and is now the Sommelier at the Area F&B Director Westin Fort Lauderdale, FL.