Collin Bleess is an accomplished Sommelier from Miami, Florida. Collin is currently holding position as Wine Director for Groot Hospitality brands, Komodo Miami, Swan and Papi Steak Restaurants. Born and raised outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Collin began his hospitality career growing up in and around his grandparents’ restaurants, helping whenever he could. Continuing to grow throughout high school and college years working for some prestigious restaurants in downtown Minneapolis. After completing his degree in business management, he made the exciting decision to build his resume and expand his horizons. Collin moved to his current home of the past ten years, Miami, Florida. Where he plans to stay and continue to learn and develop the local sommelier community.

Collin has always been an avid fan of wine. Throughout his school years his favorite subjects were always History and Geography. His passion for wine grew immensely once he took his first introductory sommelier course. Spawning a new and deeper appreciation for all thing’s vino! The correlation just clicked for him between wine and sense of place or “terroir” as they call it. The history and passion and love of it all really took hold of him. He feels you can “Taste the world through a glass.”

His studies continued and shortly he went on to receive his Sommelier Certification with the Court of Master Sommelier’s in 2014. Through continued dedication and active involvement within the sommelier community he was offered a seat at the CMS Advanced course and and is actively studying for his Advanced Sommelier exam this spring. Collin is also an avid Sake enthusiast and is taking his sake studies very seriously as well. He is also currently a Certified Sake Sommelier actively studying for his Advanced Sake Certification in Japan this winter.