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What is the American Fine Wine Competition, but above all, what do we know about American wines?

American wines are not particularly famous and known in our country; one always has the feeling of having to face very alcoholic, tannic, often jammy and tiring wines in the glass. Partly true, partly not.

It is undeniable that their modern enological adventure starts by plagiarizing French vines and styles, especially that of Bordeaux for red wines. Considering that the two fathers of American independence, Franklin and Jefferson, are so passionate about French wines dreaming of producing great wines in America, from there the step was short.

In 1978 Robert Parker published the first issue of The Wine Advocate magazine and within a few years became the most influential man ever in the wine industry. Parker is considered by all the greatest palate in the world, this is indisputable, and has always fought for wines produced in the United States, certifying the potential of these lands.

The wines produced in the 70s and early 80s stunned audiences around the world, thanks also to the meticulous technical work and zoning of the legendary Russian winemaker (later Californian) Andre Tchelistcheff, true father of oenology Californian and American.

But back to us: the American Fine Wine Competition is an important tasting that has the merit of recognizing – through a more than credible jury of American tasters from all over the United States – the best wines produced in America in the last ten years .

This event accepts up to 850 of the best wines produced throughout the country.

The jury meets every year at the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management of Florida International University, at the Wine Spectator Restaurant Lab.

Over the past eleven years, American Fine Wine has become one of the most influential and recognized wine events in the United States.

The AFWC also hosts a series of events throughout the year, collecting contributions for a wide range of non-profit organizations. Since its inception, AFWC has raised over $ 1 million for charity.

But what are the real objectives and goals of this important tasting for the American wine community?

First of all, to draw attention to the extraordinary American-made wines, secondly to create an environment in which companies can take advantage by promoting their products. Shari Gherman is the president and co-founder of the American Fine Wine Competition with Monty and Sara Preiser.

Shari is a professional sommelier and has spent more than twenty-five years within the American wine world knowing her mechanics perfectly.

His experiences have been manifold, including marketing and wine distribution in the United States.

Through the American Fine Wine Competition, Shari has the merit and the role of having created a vehicle to raise funds for worthy causes, in addition to bringing out more and more American wineries.

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